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SparkedHost MCAdverts


The art is amazing, it was also made in reasonable, actually incredibly fast time, and also a very cool artist! "BlitzOffline#0531"

Infinity Dev

They were great, worked quickly, and did well for the time gave themselves! The final product was clean and looked exactly how I wanted it to! Overall a great designer and I would 100% use this service again! "Infinity Dev#0296"

Cold Bot


Perfect logo as described. No edits required, the best designer. Loved it. The amazing speed they got to complete any works as fast as possible! :) "Virtuality#0482"



Extremely fast service and came with a lot of good ideas. I'm very happy with the end result and can recommend it to anyone looking for a good logo for their services. "reed#3259"

Cute Axolotl


The Artist is an expert and good to talk with. The estimation to make is very fast, well made, clean thread design. Everything is great. I recommend Team Helios over other services. "SyntaxError404#5196"

Akatsuki Shinto.

Engineer Gaming

Great Service, was done super quickly around a day and looks amazing. Like holy moly this is great. I cannot believe it was done in the amount of time it was done in because it looks like a professional work on this for at least 3 days. Cool output made! "Engineer Gaming#4445"

SafeCheck Plugin


Team Helios has given me some of the best logos I have ever seen. They have also shown me the progress they have done. Everything they draw is had drawn as well. I am impressed by the service they gave me. "EgoPandablo#3977"

Nexus Dimensions


Great and fast work, had the logo drawn in under 24 hours and showed me it - from here we changed it and added extra details and corrections. Within another 24 hours the logo was ready coloured for me. "B1llyMarsh#0001"



Super happy with how everything went, logos turned out great! "ImParadise#0001"



Fast and easy. They completed my task in no time, and the work was high quality. "Arkobat#0001"



Love the final result, they give me the avatar in a record time, and he was pacient with me. "N1ck#3021"



The service provided was quick and professional. The work was done to a good standard, and I was pleased with the end result. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for graphic design. "Harry.#9999"

DiscordX Plugin


After needing a new logo for my discord bot, they delivered one very fast. Very fast response times and reasonable prices. Has great art, made the logo exactly how I wanted it to look like. Overall 10/10 "Leastrio#0001"



What I didn't expect was the level of professionalism that came with it, the attention to detail with his client and sending updates on art was just what I needed to stem any anxieties about a paid logo. "Brumble#9550"



Good fast work, kept me updated. Gave an opportunity to ask for revisions, and even changed something at the end for me. Everything came at a low price, I definitely recommend his work. "OG_Ali#3404"

VanixMC Square


I am very happy with the amazing artwork. It was provided in a swift amount of time with all the details/corrections I desired. 100% recommend this artist to anyone else! "Dave#4245"

Daves Pfp


10/10 - Helped us out a bunch at AutoClicking club with a brand new logo! "n3xus#0521"



The stream art was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted cartoonish realism. I highly recommend them for any channel art you might need! "Zman#5404"

Zman's Stream Art


Works hard to create what you want. Never pushes a work to be finished until you are satisfied with the product. So far we have bought a custom background and a handful of emojis for our server. 10/10 Congress_#1010

Minecraft World


Quick response time, and made an amazing product. Was quick to change the things I wanted, so it looked the way I had intended. The pricing of the final product was very reasonable as well, so I can only say positive things about the experience. 'Ac#0703'